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13 June 2015 @ 01:12 am


I am Hannah Marie Lagumbay but you can call me Hannah. I currently reside in my house which is located in the Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Philippines. I am actually xxx years old.

I love Arashi, Inoue Mao, Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma, Enrique Gil, ABRA and Yeng Constantino. And that is by order. I speak 3 languages (Bisaya, Tagalog and English) and nearly fluent in all of them. I can understand a very little French and Japanese but trust me when I say this, I am horrible in those languages.

I love reading especially if they are fanfictions. I love Wattpad and Love so Sweet forum. I also love Dopple Ganger Chronicles and The Selection.

My ichiban is MatsuJun and my niban as of now is Nino don't get me wrong but I still love those three dorks Ohno, Sho and Aiba.

I ship Maotsujun, my OTP.  Ohmiya is so...  ‒i am flabbergasted.

I enjoy watching cartoons and doramas. My favorite cartoon is Johnny Bravo and for dorama, my most special dorama is Hana Yori Dango.

I am a gawky and as well a lanky teen-ager.

I am a student who is drowning with my overflowing assignment.

I am forever busy.

I spend my free time sleeping or imagining. And you will never like to be inside my imagination because it is too powerful that I am even thinking that it is real. I am serious.

I will always believe in forever and true love.

I believe that I am the mortal reincarnation of the Goddess of Pink.

I tend to waste my time over unproductive things.

This is meCollapse )

Let's be friends!

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29 October 2015 @ 12:06 am

In my whole fangirl life, there is one thing that I regret,

being a new fan to a group who has existed even before I was born.

I really feel that I'm born in the wrong generation although that can be an exaggeration.

Everytime I look at those snaps, pictures, gifs, vids, etc. of previous Arashi dramas, movies, shows, sitcoms and etc, I feel sad. It reminds me of how much I'm missing as a fan. I want to see it in my own eyes on how their personalities changes. From a gawky Jun to a DoS Jun to a more composed Jun, it hurts so much. And it is such a pity and shame that I only know them from those because of fanfics, blogs, fb comments, through the pov of other people. And the pain, it stabs directly to heart, leaving a scar engraved in my soul. Arashi has grown beyond my eyes. I want to see them from the ground, slowly achieving their dreams, slowly touching the sky. But, of course, I became a full-pledge fan on their 15th anniversary. It isn't odd right?

I know that no one may understand what I am feeling right now. I am not an updated fan. My internet is slow, my pc is crap, the download links are dead, Uncle Johnny is strict, Youtube immediately banish arashi shows, few co-fangirl friends, school, research paper that i am currently doing right now, my stupid mind who is overreacting, and many, many more that I could complain and blame to this harsh reality.
I couldn't even believe that I had managed to sew up bunch of words and all i want to say is I WANT TO WATCH OLD ARASHI SHOWS!!!!

Of course I can't do it. I don't have time, school is top priority, no one will care, no source, no English subbed videos, I can't understand Japanese, they are uploaded long, long time ago so links are dead and so much more that I could fall into an endless labyrinth and I’m still saying unending mantra about my f*cked up reasons.

I am tired of learning arashi through commentaries, post and fanfictions. I want to see it myself, witness it personally.

They are so cute, dorky, crazy, funny and all words that I could entangle to perfectly describe their personalities in their old shows. Arashi has changed, sure they might still be idiots, dorks and whatever you call them but now, they are more mature, composed, observant and adult. Sure they are still fun to watch but I want to see them from before because I am sure that I am missing a lot. A LOT.

So how could i say this, hmm those shows that they are doing when I was just a little kid, literally, like I was just running in the room at that time and all I ever think is my snack for the recess or learning basic English and my favorite cartoon show Mr. Bean. I am what at that time, a first-grader or maybe a second grader. For pete's sake! My mom is 1 year and 19 days older than oh-chan. and I am inlove with that man. I can remember the time where I booed at HanaDan that was currently airing in GMA just because it came from that channel and I am a solid Kapamilya and I think that they are just copying Meteor Garden! I want to cry seriously. And i can also remember the intro of ProDai that I always anticipate to watch in GMA for some unknown reasons. And I was amazed by the first time I watched Prodai months and months ago because my old treasured memory flickered right through my eyes.

Why can't i turn back the time and watch Arashi shows! AHH!
So okay, this is enough. Enough with my annoying monologue.

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22 June 2015 @ 03:42 am

Done Watching Ao Haru Ride! Even though my friend suggested to watch the anime instead of the movie, i still watched it.

The movie is great, believe me but there are just chances where it is boring to watch and let us take into consideration that i had never read the manga nor watch the anime. The first half of the movie is well boring for me. Me and my lil sis watched it together and we both gave up! But the day after, i watched it alone. I just skipped the first half though. The second half is the interesting part for me since of course the climax is approaching.

My friend (the same friend) said that what she liked the most with AoHaru is the strong emphasis of friendship and that the story is relatable. The movie also suggested the friendship but i think it is not as strong as what she said since i could slightly feel that Yuri, Shuko and Toma are just extras and the bond between them is not that strong. But if you will forget about what I said I while ago, you can still enjoy watching it since the movie is a stand-alone film. I didn't remember any plotholes and everything is just neat. I even cried at the climax part and it was overall nice.

Honestly, i wish that they made a drama-adaptation on the manga rather than the movie so that everything will not feel rushed like for Kikuchi-kun. I was confused on his part truthfully. I can feel that the actors are perfect for their roles and they are all good actors. I was just shocked seeing Masahiro Higashide from Parasyte then to a sweet teen age boy in AoHaru.

"Lots of Mistakes are always made in our adolescence but it's adolescence exactly because there are lots of mistakes"
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13 June 2015 @ 01:48 am

I was searching Matsujun's pics when this comes in my my way

did anyone noticed that the baby looks like Jun?

The baby resembled Jun.
I think it is impossible that they are blood related but the similarities are striking!

*pics not mine

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19 May 2015 @ 04:20 pm

I've been a fan of Arashi for a year already...

and only now that I had found out that Nino's surname is Ninomiya and not Kazunari. I was seriously disappointed. And I tried to check Aiba's and my doubts were right! Aiba is the surname. I was so desperate that i tried to search all surnames in Arashi and then i found out ridda's. I guess you already know what happened. I was really really angry. I hope that i can get over this already because it hurts

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17 May 2015 @ 04:27 pm

19 years in showbiz~~~

More successful years to come!!!

My newsfeed is flooded with Matsujun pics.

This great milestone keeps me on staying normal... dysmenorrhea sucks!

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29 April 2015 @ 08:42 am
I saw this in tumblr again.

2004 Hamamatsu Venue MC

About your weird habits
J: When I sleep, I am used to putting 2 pillows at the head of the bed, then another two beside myself.
S: Why?
N: He likes to sleep while hugging pillows.
J: You say too much
N: Everyone~ This guy would start hugging people in the middle of sleep!
J: That is because you took my pillows away!
A: I have seen it before! Previously when i entered you guys’ room, I saw Matsujun sleeping as he hugs Nino, with the upper half naked!
S: Wa wa… It’s not good having this within the group.
J: Aren’t you the same! Please explain why is it that when you and Ohno are in the same room, you guys share the same blanket.
N: Unexpected turn of events.
A: Sho chan sometimes sleep naked right… Somehow it’s erotic.
O: I have no choice… Sho kun will be lonely.
S: Ohno kun please don’t say nonsense! Accident! It was an accident!

I am hiding in the corner trying to call the ambulance because of my severe BLOOD LOSS!!!! I need to have an immediate blood transfusion!

Ohno's pun is just..... WAHHHHH!

this is old but this is one of my favorites.

Jun hugging nino is just waahhhhh!!!! Matsumiya feels!!!


"Sho chan sometimes sleep naked right… Somehow it’s erotic." WTF Aiba. AIBA FINDS IT EROTIC!

Multiple ships are sailing.  I don't know what is my favorite now.

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28 April 2015 @ 12:30 am

[click to view Mao&apos;s interview]
cr. to Morinokokoro of Tumblr
Excerpt from Inoue Mao’s interview from Bungei Shunjuu March 2015 issue


Inoue Mao just turned 28 last January 2015. At this period, most of her high school and university friends are already working, getting married and starting their own families. In Inoue Mao’s eyes, how does she view this change among her friends?

When I was child, I have envisioned a mature 28-year old version of myself so I wonder if I will be fine with my present not-so-mature self. I think my friends who experienced going out and working in the corporate world are more mature than I do. Even if they say ‘You started working years earlier than we do’,  but being in here for a long time, I felt I’ve been living in a world where reality and common sense are divided. My kind of work is fueled by imagination and dreams so I feel I am already slipping out of my sensibilities.

Compared to people who live their lives entangled in this strict real world worrying about their perceived differences with colleagues, wage levels in this economy and how to increase their value, I feel really immature. So when I talk to my friends about that topic, I tell them that.

Recently, most of my friends are getting married and having babies in succession so it’s all but celebrations for me (laughs). I seriously feel that I finally reached that life period (for marriage).

Before, I thought it doesn’t matter if I get married in my 50s or 60s as long as I would be able to enjoy life my own way.
Even if I don’t end up getting married, I dreamed of surrounding myself with pet animals. I really didn’t yearn for marriage that time.

But when I entered my 20s, while I started playing wife and mother roles, my perspective on marriage also changed. I personally had that period when I prioritized studies over acting since that time I opted to do things I can do by myself. But for acting, it is important for someone to have lots of experiences.

For example, if I need to hold a baby for a role, I worry if I am doing it right since I haven’t experienced having my own child. I wonder if I already have my own baby, my way of holding them will be a bit different. Right now, I also want to get married and give birth to my own child. That experience will definitely bring life to my work as an actress.

I don’t know when that marriage will happen but I don’t think I fit into my character Fumi’s rollercoaster type of marriage life. A stable marriage life is still the ideal for me. The times may have changed but thinking about what can I offer for that someone special, what I can do for someone’s sake is a woman’s happiness for me.

I really support Mao-chan's marriage perspective now since she is already 28. It is the right age to get married. Even though I can't understand why Mao consider herself as immature. Maybe I just can't understand her because in the real world there are so many perspectives but considering that she thinks about that I think she is not that immature. Anyway, it is her opinion :P

I was surprised that Mao-chan thought of getting married at the age of 50! Seriously?! It was such a great relief that she changed her mind about it.
Mao-chan had this image of sweet and innocent girl and she also does not have many rumour about her lovelife except to we-all-know-him so never did I imagine her having a "rollercoaster" marriage.

And my favorite of all! I really like this: "The times may have changed but thinking about what can I offer for that someone special, what I can do for someone’s sake is a woman’s happiness for me." Because we just have the exactly same idea of marriage. Well maybe all do but who cares. IT IS JUST SO GREAT THAT I READ IT FOR THE NTH TIME! It also created a small buzz in our fb group because of, I quote, "someone special" and this interview might be and indication and a subtle confirmation that their current marriage rumour is true. Well it is not that big deal anyway since it is just a figment of imagination produced by our delusional minds hehe.

I suddenly remember Jun's Goo.n CM. ;)

I am looking forward that Mao will finally had the chance to make this come true since she is not getting any younger.

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10 November 2014 @ 04:45 am
Reading fanfics is the best!

I always read fanfics and that is my hobby.

I reaalllyyy hate the feeling of sadness whenever i want to read a fanfic and it was friend-locked :( :'( i don't have any LJ at that time so i decided to make one because i need to read the next chapter of a very nice fanfic (can i endorse it? we're not even friends with the author!!!) and now i sent her a request.... i still can't read it!!

By the way, i am going to endorse lots of memorable hana yori dango and maotsujun fanfics!


My Favorite Completed Fanfics

1. Ouji to Hime

2. This Time Around

3. Fractured Dreams

4. Baby Bliss

5. Maid in Tokyo

Here are some sites where you can get some Maotsujun and Hana Yori Dango Fanfics





Ebisu Midnights

Winglin (i can't go to winglin now!!! why?!!)

Hey! i am currently addicted to Kiss the Prince by SayuriMa, Marrying Highness By maotsujun_rabu, Kizuna by SayuriMa, Alone (kizuna's sequel) by SayuriMa and One Bad Move by haveyouseenthisgirl

I really don't own those fanfics mentioned. I am just sharing the Maotsujun LOVE!!!

Please comment other nice MaotsuJun and Hana Yori Dango Fanfics

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09 November 2014 @ 01:09 am
Hello welcome to my journal!

So in this journal, i am planning this to be full of maotsujun since it is my OTP.

I like arashi! Jun as my ichiban, Nino, Sho, Ohno as my niibans next. Well, Aiba i am sorry to say but i just see you as a friend.

I don't like K-pop but i don't hate it. it's funny because i am surrounded with K-pop fans so i always feel like a fish out of water.

I am a Filipina and to be specific, a Cebuana.

I speak English, Filipino, Cebuano but expect me to speak english most of the time even though I'm speaking with a filipino.

I am a very busy person since i am still studying. I was even kicked out in LSS because of my lack of participation.

my english vocabulary is limited but i always check my grammar and i can't speak nor understand Japanese and i am still learning it.

I am a new Arashi Maotsujun fan so please help me.

If you hate any of my fandom, please continue to hate it and please don't disrespect my fandom.